"I rest easier knowing I have the alarm system turned on at night, especially when I'm home alone. The team from Advantage Alarm & Security is prompt and courteous. The system works beautifully, and whenever I need to call Advantage, they always answer in person and can help me right away."

"No matter how late it is, the staff from Advantage Alarm & Security always answers when I call. They help me change my smoke detector batteries, and they look out for me. Once, when the chimney caught fire, the smoke detector went off and the Fire Department sent a truck to put out the fire. One of the Advantage Alarm technicians even came over to meet the fire trucks and make sure I was alright."

"I travel extensively. I rest easier knowing that my home in Santa Fe is protected while I'm away. When I'm traveling, I have Advantage Alarm check my house to collect the newspaper and any unexpected packages. They even run a little water in the sinks and showers to refill the P-traps, and check that my refrigerator is still running. Having their help makes my return home so much more pleasant."
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